Find an accountant, request a demo, and expand your company. 

Earn Money Quicker 

Gain Access to Automated Follow-Ups and Electronic Invoicing.

  • Create, send, and receive professional invoices and payments online.

  • Generate invoices automatically from sales orders and delivery orders.

  • Send reminders to your debtors and set up automated follow-ups in a few clicks.

Receive Vibrant Statements 

Get Clear and Advanced Reports about Your Data.

  • Create your earnings report, balance sheet, or cash flow statements. 

  • Filter, zoom, analyze, and compare all data quickly and easily. 

  • Utilize cubes in business intelligence to communicate across any dimension.

Manage Your Company’s Budget

Automate Investments and Allocate Funds.

  • Keep track of your budget and establish the financial status of your organization.  

  • Compare and analyze actual results by comparing them with forecasts.

  • Send emails automatically to transfer budgets between different funds and collect credits.

Create Billing Plans Easily

Oversee Ongoing Subscriptions and Recurring Revenues.

  • Select  monthly or yearly membership models that best suit your business.

  • Execute contracts automatically while storing agreements with your vendors.

  • Set up alerts and follow-up emails as reminders for contract renewals.

Finally Integrated with Other Apps 
Unleash Your Growth Potential