Talent Acquisition Challenges
How technology can help you to deal with them

Talent acquisition is one of the complex and most challenging jobs of any leader in Human Resources.

Why is so complex?

Because the management involves the cooperation of different subjects exchanging large data and documents, often exposed to human errors and mistakes.

Finding the right prospects is an outcome of a lot of scenery works and countless administrative tasks such as

  • Job posting

  • Application screening

  • Examining and analyzing the resumes

  • Arranging interviews

and so on.

Managing these entire recruitment processes definitely requires a comprehensive tool to control and monitor each position. 

How to make your recruitment process easier?

You can optimize your hiring process following these 2 main objectives

  • Transform and Optimize the way you work.

  • Maximize Productivity empowering employees with Technology.

To improve the way you work you need a process-first approach focused to optimize your process prior the implementation of best-in-class solutions.

What technology is required to maximize Productivity?

Technology must precisely fit into any organization, streamlining the collaboration between all process participants.

This the list of features you need to find is this.

Job offers management
Post job offers on your website and follow the application process within the Kanban view.

Employment websites publishing
Link job offers from different employment websites to your module and keep an eye on all your offers.

Recruitment process management
Manage a pipeline of candidates for your open positions and get organized with smart activities management.

Backend automation
Manage everything from application emails to automatic answers right from the app.

Automatic indexation
Create a repository with all your applicants’ resumes, well organized and instantly accessible.

Calendar integration
Schedule interviews and send meeting invites directly from your system and synchronise your calendars.

Candidacies monitoring
Keep track of all your applicants.


Yes, recruiting the right talent for the job is essential.

True, the entire process is time-consuming, complex, and prone to failures. 

But consider this—if you break it down to smaller steps and invest time to streamline (and automate) every task, you’ll quickly see results from this improved version of your talent recruitment strategy.

Would you like to have a hands-on experience and prove the value of this approach?

Let's schedule a meeting.  

In the meanwhile, you can learn more about Odoo from this video below.

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