From lead to order without hassle
CRMs, Sales and Accounting apps, need practically the same information to operate at their full power.

It's clear that the main challenge here is to have the full integration of your applications, your team will end up saving hours and hours to invest that time in what matters. 

These are the main reasons you should consider to fully integrate your CRM.

Double Manual data entry = Wasted time 

If your applications cannot send data in and out to one another, (double or triple) manual data entry becomes a nightmare.

Entering the same data into two different systems, whether you are manually typing it or downloading CSV files, reformatting them, and uploading them into the other app, is tedious and wastes time.

If your CRM and Accounting are integrated you can use only one app as your hub instead of logging in and out of each application.

No more exporting and uploading, just enter a new customer in your CRM and a new profile will automatically be created in your accounting app without ever needing to log in.

Manual Input = Errors and Bad data

Manual data entry is dull and consequently Error Prone.

While it’s easy to input information by accident in the wrong place or to format something wrongly, discrepancies between your CRM , Quotations , Orders and Accounting will cause enormous issues that are difficult to solve. 

In fact, this is a cost, a huge cost...  

Integration systems allowing automatic duplicate control will keep this problem at bay. 

Not only does the removal of possible human error increase accuracy, but duplicate control ensures that the same email doesn’t get added twice under two different accounts by searching your entire database before creating a new account. 

It’s a priceless investment to keep yourself away from the high cost of bad data.

Complex systems = Data silos

If your vital business information may be disseminated out between several different systems, sharing information is cumbersome.

You need your sales and marketing efforts work together, not against one another. 

Integration makes conversations and fluidity between your teams possible and automatic. 

They also open up a full 360-degree view , needed to implement a client-centric strategy in your business. 


Real-time monitoring of your Leads and your Orders require a single pane of glass.

Tracking your pipeline needs to be easy and immediate.

Integration makes this a breeze.

 Fernando Gumma • Sales Director EU

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